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Advanced Technology and Reliability: The Heat Is On!


How well your solar system performs depends on the efficiency of your solar collectors.

Thermo Dynamics flat plate solar collectors set industry standards for superior performance and reliability. High technology and quality make the difference. Each G series collector is engineered to achieve the maximum efficiency in industrial, commercial and domestic water heating applications.

G collectors are attractively designed to incorporate the finest materials.

The collector box and backing are made from corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy (6061-T6) and feature an attractive baked enamel finish (dark brown). The collector cover is a dimpled, low-iron tempered glass specifically formulated for solar applications. Frame fasteners are of aluminum or stainless steel, and all seals are of rubber that is non-degradable under ultra-violet light. The collector utilizes selected insulation on the back and sides to minimize ambient heat loss.

The Sunstrip™ solar fin - heart of the system.

The solar absorber is assembled from the highly efficient, light-weight Sunstrip™ fin, with copper headers. Sunstrip™ is made from aluminum metallurgically-bonded to a copper tube. The exterior is treated with a selective surface that ensures maximum energy collection. Depending on the climatic conditions, customers may select water or a glycol (non-toxic anti-freeze) solution as a working fluid for the collector.

To increase output, a series of flat plate collectors may be coupled to work in a grid format. Hydraulic coupling of collectors is easily accomplished via soldered or mechanical connections.

The Thermo Dynamics G Series collectors may be installed in a variety of applications with ordinary tools. The collector frame is designed to accommodate a number of mounting arrangements, with a versatile sliding bolt track system. Customers may choose from two clip options: one for flush collector mounting and another for more demanding applications. Either of the clips supplied by Thermo Dynamics will facilitate flush or rack mounting of the collector.

Technical Specifications

  • Thermo Dynamics' G Series collectors are 4'x8' (3 m2)
  • The G32 (4'x8') grid collector weighs only 42 kg (92 lbs), much less than collectors with all copper absorbers.
  • Thermo Dynamics' G Series collectors are tested and capable of sustaining temperatures in excess of 205°C and routinely operate at 82° to 90°C.
  • The collectors will sustain wind-induced loads in excess of 2 kPa (0.29 psi).
  • Maximum hydraulic pressure in the solar absorber is 2.76 MPa (400 psi) and working pressures are typically 104 to 413 kPa (15 to 60 psi).
  • Collector performance is excellent. The slope of the first-order efficiency curve is FRUL=4.933 W/m2 and FRta=0..700 for the y intercept

The collector design life is in excess of 35 years. Thermo Dynamics customers have used G collectors in their solar systems for over two decades. In an independent survey commissioned by Energy, Mines and Resources Canada in 1987, 100% of all Thermo Dynamics owners indicated that all service was satisfactory, that all defects (the least of 11 brands surveyed) were covered by warranty. As a new client of Thermo Dynamics you can expect the same dependability and reliable service. You have our name on it!

Technical Specifications:
G Series Collectors

OG-100 Certification # 100-2006005A

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