Sunstrip - Solar Absorber fins

Creating a New Wave of Solar Performance

After a decade of research, the Sunstrip solar fin has emerged as one of the most innovative developments in solar technology. It's elegant design and unparalleled performance mow make possible a new generation of attractive and affordable solar products.

The advanced technology of cladding

The fin's metallurgically-bonded aluminum completely surrounds a copper tube waterway. The corrosion resistance of copper combined with the light weight and high thermal conductivity of aluminum produces the optimal finned tube. The metalurgical bond provides superior thermal contact resulting in superior heat absorption and conductivity, and long-term durability.


The Sunstrip fin is versatile and can be assembled into a variety of convenient solar absorber formats that realize only minimal pressure drops. Sunstrip has low thermal inertia due to its light weight. As the intensity of the solar flux varies, the fin will react quickly to maximize energy collection. Sunstrip technology can be adapted easily and economically for use in your existing production line.

Sunstrip Features

  • The aluminum/copper fin is corrosion resistant
  • The dependable Sunstrip fin design has been use-tested and improved over a decade in varied applications and climatic conditions
  • Sunstrip is available (1) in uninflated coils (for high-volume/low-cost production), (2) as an inflated pre-cut fin, (3) as completely assembled absorbers.
  • The rhombic cross section of the Sunstrip tube is easily connected to a manifold header
  • Standard tube sizes are 8 and 12 mm nominal diameters
  • 8 mm Sunstrip is available in serpentine patterns. Termed "Micro-Flo", these absorbers provide one continuous finned tube at low cost
  • Fins are available in lengths up to 6 m. Standard width is 146 mm.
  • Fin thickness is 0.5 mm, which yields a fin efficiency of 93 to 95 %
  • Fin is available with a selective black painted finish, an Anodic-Cobalt (highly selective) , or as bare aluminum.

Sunstrip fins and absorbers are high in efficiency, light in weight, technologically advanced, and offer attractive economics - all good reasons for choosing Sunstrip solar fins and absorbers

Technical Specifications

Sunstrip is produced by metallurgically bonding two strips of aluminum to a copper tube which acts as a waterway. A specialized rolling mill is used to manufacture Sunstrip.

Sunstrip is light and strong. It has an average weight of 2 kg/sq m and a high burst pressure of 6.0 MPa (870 psi). Every piece of Sunstrip is automatically tested to 1.72 MPa (250 psi) during the inflation process. Sunstrip has an infinite fatigue life under combined mechanical and thermal loading.

Sunstrip Rolling Mill

Hydraulic diameters (for calculation of pressure drops) are 3.93 mm for the 8 mm, and 6.48 mm for the 12 mm. Fin thickness is 0.5 mm at the flange and 1.0 mm at the tube (uninflated). Fin surface is normally dimpled to increase rigidity and enhance appearance. Sunstrip is easily joined to conventional copper tubing by 95/5 (tin/antimony) solder welding. Copper tubing is 99.9% pure and the aluminum fin is alloy 1350. Emissivity of selectively anodized (Anodic-Cobalt) fin is 0.12 and absorptivity is 0.94.

Finished coils of Sunstrip fin are available in lengths up to 600 m (1,969 ft). Sunstrip fin is also available in inflated form, cut to your specified length. The pictures show uninflated Sunstrip (top), inflated Sunstrip (middle), and aluminum/copper entering the bonding process (bottom).

A company committed to advancing solar technology

Since 1980, Thermo Dynamics Ltd. has been dedicated to researching, developing, manufacturing, and marketing the finest solar energy products available.Company innovations contribute to a better life for solar users in Canada, the United States and World-Wide.

To ensure strong client support and service, Thermo Dynamics maintains an international network of knowledgeable dealers and representatives.
Sunstrip solar fins in various specifications are manufactured in Canada and exported for use by other solar manufacturers and contractors throughout the world.

Thermo Dynamics Solar Products. Giving you a season for the sun all year round.

Technical information on Sunstrip fins.

Sunstrip Technical Specifications
Sunstrip Questions and Answers

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