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Located at 101 Frazee Ave, Dartmouth, (Halifax Regional Municipality), Nova Scotia, Thermo Dynamics Ltd. (TDL) is a Canadian company engaged in the research, development, production, distribution and installation of solar thermal equipment. Our specialization is liquid, flat plate, glazed collectors with aluminum/copper absorbers. TDL is a fully integrated solar thermal company with the ability to convert raw aluminum and copper into a high technology solar fin with a highly selective surface for superior thermal performance.

Since 1981 TDL has manufactured solar energy products for domestic and exports markets. In 1988, TDL expanded its plant from 2,000 square feet to 12,000 square feet. This was necessitated due to TDL's decision to increase its production facilities and purchase new equipment for manufacturing. One of the substantial acquisitions made during this expansion was the Sunstrip™ solar fin rolling mill.

In 2002, TDL designed and built a state of the art 10,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Burnside Industrial Park, Dartmouth. The new production facility included a solar radiant floor heating system. To learn more about the design, visit the TDL factory page.

TDL is one of the largest solar manufacturer in North America. Canadian solar technology and the products that TDL manufactures are state-of-the-art world wide. The TDL solar fin is recognized as one of the best solar fins in the world. TDL solar collectors and residential solar systems (derived from the Sunstrip™ solar fin) are competitive with comparable products.

TDL offers a range of products from solar fin for the assembly of solar collector absorber plates, finished solar collectors (glazed, LFP type) and complete solar water heating systems for single-family residential and large-scale commercial applications. TDL has also developed heat exchangers for application in solar water heaters, and the Solar Pump™, a unique photovoltaic-powered pump for solar water heaters and other solar-powered pumping operations.

Key Contacts:

Peter L. Allen, Ph. D., P. Eng., President
Paul R. Sajko, P.Eng., General Manager

Introducing a New Generation of Solar Options

Now is the time to choose solar

While the cost of oil, gas, and electricity continues to rise, energy from the sun is abundant and freely available. For years, solar energy has been considered an alternative. Now, Thermo Dynamics, a world leader in solar technology, brings a new generation of solar products into the mainstream. Thermo Dynamics solar hot water heating systems are designed to displace costlier forms of energy. This quality technology is undeniably cost-effective and simple to install. After a modest initial investment, solar water heating costs you virtually nothing to operate or maintain. You begin to save money and adopt a more natural way of living.


Thermo Dynamics Limited manufactures solar collectors, heat exchangers, and solar systems for commercial, industrial, and residential applications. These products appeal to those who are concerned about the environment. In contrast to other forms of energy, solar is clean, safe and freely offered by the sun.
For homeowners - Thermo Dynamics systems provide an economical solution to your hot water and space heating needs. These high-performance systems are efficient and reliable. They're designed so you can install them yourself. Attractively priced, they allow you to reduce your conventional energy costs and quickly recover your initial investment.
For property developers and building owners - Thermo Dynamics systems are engineered to perform in demanding commercial and industrial applications. When used to supplement conventional forms of water or space heating, they generate immediate savings in operating costs. Solar systems require little maintenance; they also result in higher property values.
Thermo Dynamics pioneered the use of metered heating systems as an optional form of solar utility. Customers are charged for the solar energy delivered at a rate less than the cost of the displaced conventional energy. Customers may use this option to pay for the cost of installation.

Committed to advancing solar technology

Thermo Dynamics is a fully-integrated manufacturer specializing in solar water heating systems. Quality products include complete solar heating kits, solar collectors, and the patented Sunstrip solar fin absorber. This highly efficient component maximizes energy collection and transference. Demand for the Sunstrip solar fin has resulted in its export for use in different applications throughout the world.
Thermo Dynamics' 12,000 sq. ft. plant includes a specialized research and testing facility. Company researchers work in close cooperation with researchers at several Canadian universities. This R and D environment results in products that make use of computer-assisted design, advanced materials, unique finishes, and thorough testing.
Thermo Dynamics products are engineered to perform.

Product Performance, Value and Reliability


As a solar contractor since 1980, Thermo Dynamics has installed hundreds of solar systems. Company engineers continuously explore how to apply solar technology within different energy environments and climatic conditions. These installations range from compact residential water heating systems to large solar utilities (up to 655 m2 or 7050 sq. ft.) which deliver energy at a rate of 1750 kWh/per day. Because of their value and endurance, Thermo Dynamics systems have gained an international reputation for excellence.


Thermo Dynamics is committed to supporting its growing international distribution network. Dealers gain the sales advantage of a trouble-free, immediately available line of solar options with strong consumer appeal. Sales efforts benefit from ongoing product education, technical training and sales literature. Quality Thermo Dynamics systems carry a ten-year guarantee on major components. Once installed, the systems require little maintenance and receive strong manufacturer support against defects. Customers are assured of quality products that meet their needs for today and tomorrow.

What people say about our products *

  • Thermo Dynamics customers report the highest annual energy savings (of 11 brands surveyed) from installing hot water heating systems: up to $400 per year.
  • Over 80% of Thermo Dynamics customers (the highest of 11 brands surveyed) report that the energy savings justified the cost of installation.
  • Over 90% of Thermo Dynamics customers (the highest of the 11 brands) would recommend their systems to friends.
  • 100% of all Thermo Dynamics customers indicate that all service was satisfactory, that all defects (the least of 11 brands surveyed) were covered by warranty.

*From an independent survey commissioned by Energy, Mines and Resources Canada. 1987

Thermo Dynamics Solar Products. Giving you a season for the sun all year round.

Thermo Dynamics Ltd.
101 Frazee Avenue
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Canada, B3B-1Z4
tel: +1 (902) 468-1001
fax: +1 (902) 468-1002


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