Windhorse Farm, in the LaHave River watershed, Nova Scotia, includes drumlins, steep hillsides, and valley bottom land. It is 85% forested. A rich biological diversity exists in mature all-aged mixed forests, treed swamps and meadow wetlands, as well as orchards, fields, pastures, and patch gardens. This woodlot-farm borders the LaHave River and includes the Sweetwater Brook watershed and its many tributaries.

The "farm" began about 160 years ago when Conrad Wentzell, a descendant of an 18th century German immigrant, came here and "cut a hole in the forest". It remained in the care of the Wentzell family until 1990. During that time, logging was done almost every year, and yet the standing volume of timber remained stable. Trees were selected for harvest either individually or in patches of two to six dominant trees; logs were removed from the woodlot with horses or oxen. The result of this forestry, to date, is a very healthy, diverse woodlot with trees of all ages including very old and large hemlock, pine, maple, birch, spruce, beech, ash, and oak. It sustains a great variety and abundance of smaller plants and animals as well.

In 1990, the farm changed stewardship, becoming Windhorse Farm. Forestry practices have remained the same and farming is inspired by the natural processes in the forest. "Bringing the richness of nature back to the farm" is a priority here. This is being accomplished by extensive use of patch planting, brush walls, forest-based mulch and compost, and wetland restoration.

System Description

Thermo Dynamics Ltd. installed a solar hybrid system which includes space and domestic water heating. The heating system consists of radiant floor tubing, 12 solar collectors and a back up instantaneous propane heater.

Solar Collectors

The solar collectors are mounted on a galvanized steel rack adjacent to the heated building. The collectors are mounted at a 60° angle to the horizontal to optimize performance during the colder months.


View photographs of the installation


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