Dalhousie University

Life Science Centre


Located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Commissioned April 2011

System Description

Thermo Dynamics Ltd. (TDL) designed, supplied and installed a solar domestic hot water (SDHW) system iin the Dalhousie University Life Science Centre (the LSC). The system is designed to supply solar thermal energy to assist with the heating of the domestic hot water (DHW).

The system consists of the following major components.

  • • 40 solar collectors; TDL model G32-P, for a total of 120 m2 of collector area (gross)
    • A solar collector racking system of galvanized steel, mounted on galvanized posts attached to the concrete deck of the building
    • Heat exchangers to transfer heat from the glycol-charged solar loop to the domestic hot water
    • Piping between the solar collectors and the heat exchangers, insulated as required
    • 1000 imperial gallons (4,500 liters) of DHW water storage (insulated)
    • Circulators and solar controller to control the circulators
    • Valves, fittings and plumbing items to ensure the efficient and safe operation of the system
    • An internet-based monitoring system to monitor the system to ensure its correct operation

The solar collectors deliver heat to a set of storage tanks plumbed into the domestic cold water supply line to the instantaneous steam heaters for the DHW. The cold water is preheated prior to entering the steam heater. The solar loop is charged with an aqueous solution of food-grade, non-toxic propylene glycol, USP.

The solar collectors are installed on the roof of the LSC facing 20° east of true south. The solar collector racks are square with the building. The solar collectors aree mounted on a galvanized steel rack in a double tier, sloped at 45° to the horizontal. There are two double tier racks of solar collectors. Each double tier consists of ten solar collectors in the lower tier and 10 solar collectors in the upper tier. The solar collector racks are mounted on galvanized steel posts secured to the concrete deck of the building.

View photographs of the installation

View Live Monitoring


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