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Solar Water Heating

Thermo Dynamics Ltd.is a Canadian company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. TDL is engaged in the research, development, production, distribution and installation of solar heating systems. TDL’s core products include liquid flat-plate, glazed solar collectors, Sunstrip™ aluminum/copper solar fin and absorber plates; the Solar Boiler™ solar water heater, solar powered pumps, DC solar controllers, and natural convection heat exchangers. TDL is a fully integrated solar thermal company with the ability to convert raw materials into state of the art solar products.

In December 2012, Halifax Regional Municipality announced the Halifax Solar City Program with Thermo Dynamics Ltd. as the official solar system manufacturer and installer.


Halifax Solar City

Read the latest news, sign up for the program, or access your solar monitoring website. click here

If you are a Halifax Solar City participant and have a solar monitoring system installed, you can access your website by entering your unique 4 digit site ID:

Note: Your 4 digit site ID is located on the face plate of your monitroing unit. (Only enter the 4 digits, excluding any letters)

To view a sample solar monitoring website, click here

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Official Energy Ratings for our Solar Boiler™ Systems

SB32-9PV (1 collector system) - 6.11 GJ/year

SB64-9PV (2 collector system) - 9.94 GJ/year


Both the SB32-9PV and SB64-9PV Solar Boiler Systems qualify for the ecoENERGY retrofit grant


The SB32-9PV is the only single collector CSA certified system in Canada to qualify for the ecoENERGY retrofit grant

The SB64-9PV has the highest Energy Rating of all CSA certified systems in Canada

SRCC OG-100 Certified

G32-P Certification # 1002006005A

S32-P Certification # 1002009007A


SRCC OG-300 Certified

SB32-9PV Certification # 3002009051A SEF 1.5

SB64-9PV Certification # 3002009051B SEF 2.3

Do you Live in Nova Scotia?

You could be eligible for up to $1,250 in rebates!

Solar Water Heating Rebate

For more information on obtaining the rebates, contact

Efficiency Nova Scotia - Rebate, $1,250


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