Solar PowerPAKK

Back up Electrical Power - when you really need it!


  • Quiet, clean electrical power!

  • No engines!

  • No exhaust fumes!

  • No maintenance!

  • No fuel!

The Solar Power Pakk™ is your secure source of electrical power:

  • for your home/business during an electrical grid power outage
  • for your off-grid home or cottage or cabin
  • for your construction site
  • for your RV
  • for your street concert, or street vending
  • for camping

The Solar Power Pakk™ consists of:

  • two deep-discharge, heavy duty storage batteries
  • direct powering of 12 VDC devices
  • integrated USB port for small electronics
  • one 100 watt solar panel (optional second panel)
  • a racking kit for mounting the solar panels (optional pole mount)
  • 50 feet of cable for connecting the solar panels to the batteries
  • a solar charge controller to maintain the batteries at maximum charge
  • a 1000-watt inverter to convert the 12 VDC power of the batteries into 120 VAC power required for most appliances in the home.

The Solar Power Pakk™ is always ready for you! The batteries are always maintained at full charge by one or two solar panels. The batteries are good for thousands of discharge cycles, therefore, the Power Pakk™ should last for decades.

Available Mounting Options

The Solar Power Pakk™ can power your refrigerator (assuming 100 watts), your freezer (assuming 100 watts), your furnace/boiler (assuming 300 watts), most of your electronics devices (assuming 50 watts), and some lighting (assuming 100 watts). But not all at the same time! However, these devices do not generally all operate at the same time. The Solar Power Pakk™ will also power the typical sump pump.

Download the Data Sheet


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